US Letter Magazine / Brochure Mockup

US Letter Magazine / Brochure Mock-Up

This mock-up is part of a bundle:


  • Transparent Background
  • Transparent Shadow
  • Separated From Background
  • Photo-Realistic Scene
  • Editable Spine
  • RGB Color Mode
  • High Resolution 3000x2000px
  • Replaceable Background Texture
  • 09 PSD Files
  • Changeable Background Color
  • Quick Replace Using Smart Object

File Included

  • 09 PSD File

Note: Magazine template that used on preview image are not included with the main file. Thanks

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Product Details
Release date:January 22, 2020
Last updated:May 1, 2019
Product type:US Letter Magazine / Brochure Mockup
File .psd
File size:131 MB
Requirements:Photoshop CC

Copyright ToaSin Studio 2021

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